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What Storage Shed is The Best Choice For Me?

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Depending on your needs, the storage shed for your garden will differ! For example, you may be a gardener with a green thumb and tonnes of tools. Or maybe you're a mechanic who specifically needs all their shed materials to stay dry to avoid rusting.

When buying a storage shed, you should consider your space, budget, and needs! If you know all of these things, then buying a storage shed should be a walk in the park! Here's what you need to be aware of the different types of storage sheds:

Metal Sheds:

Metal sheds are a great option for anyone looking to store valuable items as it is durable and robust. They're also designed to withstand, so you don't have to worry about rot and decay. If you don't have time for maintenance, a metal shed is a great option since it doesn't require the attention other sheds may need, such as painting, sanding, and pest control.

However, if you can see the need to expand your shed in the future, metal sheds are much more difficult and expensive to modify than alternative options. So, if you’re looking to modify or expand your shed, a metal shed may not be for you!

Wooden Sheds:

Being the staple of storage sheds, wooden sheds have a reputation for being a reliable way to handle any extra storage you have lying around. Out the gate, they are easier to modify than metal sheds, allowing you to expand upon them and easily add things like shelving.

Wooden sheds also have the benefit of being extremely easy to assemble. What’s more, since wooden sheds are made of timber, your storage shed will be naturally insulated from any water.

However, a drawback of wooden sheds is that they are high maintenance and require treatment, so they don't decay. They also tend to be a higher price than their alternatives.

Plastic Sheds:

Plastic sheds are a good choice for anyone looking for low-maintenance storage. A major benefit of plastic sheds is that they are lightweight, meaning you can move them around your garden with ease!

Plastics also boast the benefit of being impermeable, meaning they will easily keep rain or snow out.

The major drawback of plastic sheds is their security. Plastic sheds are the least secure of the three types, so you may want to consider a different option if you plan on storing valuable items in your storage shed.


There are many great shed options for anyone looking for some extra storage! For example, if you're looking for a high security and low maintenance shed to store valuable items, go for a metal shed!

Alternatively, if you're hunting for a cheap and portable shed to store extra bits and bobs, then a plastic shed may be the best option! Finally, if you're looking to store valuable items but want the opportunity to modify and expand your shed, consider a wooden shed.

No matter your budget or needs, the perfect storage shed is somewhere out there waiting for you!

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